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Safe Sleeping

  • Designed to allow healthy hip movement. The premium stretch fabric we use let's the baby widen their hips in conjunction with being wrapped 'burrito tight' around the torso
  • A reduction in unnecessary wake times due to subduing the startle reflex
  • Hands are kept in the swaddle therefore eliminating the risk of the baby scratching their face
  • Glow in the dark patch allows parents to safely place baby in the correct position during night wraps
  • Breathable and soft wrap fabric which is 96% cotton, 4% spandex and is as soft as a baby's bottom



Burrito Baby Safety Guidelines

  • Swaddled babies must be placed on their back
  • Do not cover babies face with swaddle
  • Correctly position the baby on the swaddle prior to wrapping. The glow in the dark patch will assist you at night
  • When the baby begins to roll onto tummy or side it is no longer safe to use a swaddle
  • To avoid overheating make sure baby is not over-dressed
  • Follow SIDS safety recommendations when using a blankets or comforters in cots


Always place a swaddled baby on their back

Swaddling is a proven method and an age old technique that has been used to help babies fall asleep and stay asleep for longer.

The Burrito Baby Essential Multiway Swaddle is the perfect creation that helps parents safely swaddle and wrap their babies without the risk of hands coming out or suffocation. Our swaddles are designed to stay in place and if used properly will do so for the duration of your babies rest period.




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