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Dr Golly’s Top Tips For Swaddling Babies

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The Benefits of Swaddling

Swaddling has long been cherished as a valuable practice that offers myriad benefits for both babies and parents. So let's discover how it can transform your baby's sleep routine, providing a peaceful haven for rest and growth.

Why Swaddle?

During the first few months of life, infants are particularly susceptible to the startle (Moro) reflex. By swaddling your baby tightly, the intensity of this reflex is reduced, allowing them to remain asleep longer, especially during the light sleep phase when external stimuli can easily wake them.

Beyond the physical benefits, swaddling provides the comforting touch that your baby craves. A mother's touch has been shown to lower a baby's blood pressure and reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. When swaddled, your baby experiences a nurturing sensation akin to the warmth and safety of the womb, facilitating self-soothing and a faster return to sleep.

baby sleeping in swaddle


Now Let’s Talk About Sleep, Baby!

Swaddling contributes to a more efficient sleep routine. Studies have revealed that swaddled infants can increase their sleep time by 20-40 minutes, allowing them to experience more restorative sleep cycles and wake up refreshed and content.

By providing a secure environment, swaddling eliminates the need for additional comfort items such as toys or pillows in the cot. This crucial aspect helps reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which has been associated with these items. A swaddled baby can sleep soundly despite external distractions, ensuring a safer sleep environment.

We don’t just mean sleep for bubs. As a parent, you'll reap the benefits too! A calmer and well-rested baby means better sleep for you, offering a welcome respite and opportunity to recharge. Swaddling becomes a win-win situation, fostering a serene and harmonious sleep routine for both you and your little one.

To Wrap Things Up..

Whether it’s you, bub, or both of you craving better sleep, swaddling holds immense value in optimising your baby's sleep experience. From dampening the startle reflex to creating a secure environment, swaddling facilitates longer, quieter sleep and promotes healthy growth and development. Embrace the time-honored tradition of swaddling and witness the transformative power it holds in enhancing your entire family's sleep journey.

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baby sleeping in swaddle

Swaddling Tips

Swaddling is like giving your baby a cozy, dreamy embrace. It's all about creating a safe and snug environment that recreates the environment of the womb. So, here are Dr Golly’s top swaddling tips.

1. Embrace Your Bub’s Preferred Sleep Position

Your bub will want to sleep in the same position as they were in the womb - but how on earth do you know what position that is? The swaddles that offer arms up or arms down are great, as this gives you options depending on your baby’s natural preference.

2. Snug Wrappin’

Use one that has a nice stretch to keep your baby snug and comfortable, while still allowing free leg and hip movement. When you bring each side of the swaddle together make sure to pull the material firmly, so your baby is wrapped snug. This is an important step as this will help your bub feel like he or she is still in the womb.

3. Happy Legs, Happy Baby

There you have it, a simplified guide to swaddling that'll have your baby sleeping like a – well – baby! Give them that extra cuddle-like comfort and watch them drift off into the sweetest dreams. Happy swaddling!

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Dr Golly’s Most Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I swaddle my baby?

Swaddling is one of my number tips for sleep and settling!  Swaddling your baby gives them a sense of security, one school of thought that I’m very much aligned with is it recreates the restricted space they had in the womb.

Swaddling can also keep your baby calm by limiting their startle reflex. Studies have shown that swaddled babies wake less frequently and sleep longer than non-swaddled babies. Swaddling can also help reduce the risk of sudden infant death by keeping babies on their back when sleeping.

How do I calm my baby?

When it comes to calming and settling a baby, the most common question I get asked is, "How do I do it?" Well, let me spill the beans on the first and most important technique: a nice, tight swaddle.

Whether it's scorching summer or chilly winter, swaddling is a go-to move that works like a charm. In those early newborn days, swaddling reigns supreme as the ultimate calming tactic. And, if it’s pre-folded it’s even better, because it makes it that much more simple to use.

What if my baby escapes the swaddle?

One thing I hear all the time is how babies can turn into little escape artists during the night, waking themselves up by scratching their precious faces or accidentally triggering their rooting reflex, making them think it's time for a feeding frenzy. That's where swaddles come to the rescue!

By swaddling your baby with their arms securely in an up or down position, you keep those curious little hands away from their face while still providing a cozy cover for the top half of their chest. This way, they can stay in their comfortable, adopted position without their hands getting free and causing an unexpected wake-up call. So, rest assured, with the right swaddle, you can enjoy more peaceful nights and say goodbye to those unintentional wake-up calls!

Why Choose Burrito Baby?

The Burrito Baby Swaddle is designed with Dr Golly’s tips in mind. Some features include:

✔ Arm holes for secure swaddling, preventing any chance of escape.

The startle reflex is a common culprit for disrupting your baby's sleep, and so our swaddle is expertly crafted to dampen this reflect, ensuring they stay soundly asleep.

✔ Super stretchy material for snug swaddling. 

Tight swaddling replicates the womb's cozy sensation, making it easier for your baby to settle into a restful slumber.

✔ The flexibility to swaddle your baby in their preferred position, with their arms up or down.

This way, you can easily find your baby's preferred position, helping them feel comfortable and fall asleep faster.

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With Burrito Baby, families all over Australia are enjoying a peaceful night's sleep. Bid farewell to sleepless nights, and say hello to well-rested moments with your little one.


baby sleeping in swaddle