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Free Shipping over $50

Free Shipping over $50

How it works

Burrito Baby helps bub sleep tight – day or night!

As parents ourselves, we set out to make a swaddle that actually works. The Burrito Baby Multiway Swaddle is pre-folded, super stretchy, and extra large in size. It has a glow-in-the-dark placement patch and, best of all, you can securely swaddle your little one with their arms up or down.

Thanks to Burrito Baby, mums, bubs, dads and whole families across Australia are sleeping more soundly than ever!

Choose how they snooze with our patented design.

Arms up or down? Whichever way your bub sleeps best, Burrito Baby wraps will keep them extra snug and comfy.

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Once wrapped, your baby’s hands will rise so they can self-sooth, all while staying securely in the pockets.


Until your bub is big enough for their arms to reach the arm holes, we recommend swaddling them arms-down.

  • Great swaddle!

    My girl loves the arm-up swaddle function! Loads and loads of swaddle fabric! She loves being a little burrito.

    – Taylah, verified customer and happy Burrito mum

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