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Transition Swaddle
kimberley morgan
Transition swaddle - game changer

Transitioning out of a swaddle was my biggest fear as a second time mum, I wasn’t ready to go back to sleepless nights. But then…I discovered the 3-way Transition Swaddle from Burrito Baby It was an absolute game changer. So soft and snuggly and Ollie loves it and sleeps so well.

Navigating the transition out of a swaddle can indeed be a challenge, and we're thrilled to hear that our 3-way Transition Swaddle has been a game-changer for you and Ollie! Here's to more soft, snuggly, and restful nights ahead. Happy Sleeping to you both

Newborn Swaddle
Dani Shearman
Best Swaddle Ever

We absolutely love our Burrito Baby Newborn swaddle, my gorgeous girl settles instantly and the holes for her little arms were an absolute game changer, because she’s a little wiggler. 10/10 would recommend on the baby essential list ☺️🩷

Thanks Dani! She looks SO adorable all burrito'ed up, we're so glad she has settled nicely in it. ❤️❤️

no more sleepless night

Finally found something that calms my fussy sleeper - it's like an instant soothe button. every new mum needs one of these!

Delighted to be the 'instant soothe button' for your fussy sleeper, Zoe! Here's to more peaceful nights, and we're thrilled to have been a game-changer for you. Every new mum deserves those restful moments!

Best swaddle!

We absolutely love this swaddle. He sleeps so soundly and snug! The material is soft and it’s so easy to use.

Ahhh he looks so gorgeous and happy!! So glad you both love it

Great swaddle

I tried the burrito baby after seeing multiple advertisements for it and trying other swaddles with minimal success.
The pre-made arm-holes mean that our 6-week old boy can’t get his arms out and stays nicely swaddled. Have had the burrito baby for a week and we have had a few 5 and 6 hour sleeps overnight since using it. I’ve just ordered a third one now that I am certain that my fussy boy likes them.

He looks so gorgeous all burrito'ed up! So glad you are both loving it, Felicity

Newborn Swaddle
Jen Freind

I was so thrilled with this product. My little ‘Houdini’ is now much more settled during naps and sleep time because the fabric lets him stretch his arms up while staying snug in the swaddle.

Yay! We're so glad we've been able to help you create some magic ;)

Newborn Swaddle
Angella Kounelis
The best thing ever !

Actually obsessed with these burritos ! I’ve purchased 3 and a few more for friends expecting ! Since we transitioned to the burrito we are getting over 7 hrs sleeping straight thru ! Life saver 🙌🏼

Thanks for the love, Angella!! We are SO glad to hear you are getting 7 hours of sleep with our swaddle...that's the dream!

Newborn Swaddle
Vicky Henschke
Baby Burrito

My six week old son literally lives in his burrito. Has helped settle him so much at night. He’s an unfortunate victim of severe reflux and the only was we can keep him happy is wrapped up snug as a bug. He’s wearing it right now as I rock him to sleep. Couldn’t recommend more highly! Every baby needs a burrito!

So glad you and your son love it, Vicky! And he looks so cute all wrapped up as a little burrito :)

Newborn Swaddle
Yvonne Meng
Miracle swaddle

My baby is a fussy sleeper and recently wanted to have her hands free but kept smacking herself in the face. We have a Snoo and the best we could get her to sleep during the day time is 1.5 hrs. I also thought she hated swaddles given she would cry and squirm when we put her in them. We tried SwaddleMe, muslim wraps, jersey wraps - you name it. Anyways, I ordered a wrap from Baby Burrito after seeing all these ads , mainly because it allows for hands up option.

And.. She slept 2 x 3 hr naps!!! No fussing or squirming when we put her in it. Also her baby acne which has been so aggressive spreading and flaring up like a red tomato has reduced massively because shes sleeping more and recovering.

This is music to our ears, Yvonne! The last thing any parent wants is a crying baby so we are thrilled to hear her acne has gone done and she is sleeping like a...well baby!

Newborn Swaddle
Sue Turner
So content

My little grandson who was born 9 weeks prem is finally home. He loves his swaddle, very much loves his arms free and is very content in his swaddle. I have to unwrap him if I want him to wake up - I’m sure he feels as though he is still in mummy’s tummy I think, which is so soothing for him.

Newborn Swaddle
Cara Delarue
Game Changer

I absolutely love my swaddle for my fussy baby. It helps calm her, and it's so easy to use. Im usually so uncoordinated but this swaddle made my life easier.

Yay!! And what an adorable pic of your gorgeous bub wrapped in our swaddle.

Newborn Swaddle
Sophie Wilson
The best swaddle ever!

Our 9 week old baby loves the secure feeling of the burrito wrap. It is so easy to use and he also can’t get out of it like he can other wraps. I am going to buy one for all my friends expecting bubs!

Newborn Swaddle
Anthony Baldwin

Out little man had his arms above his head or over his face basically the entire pregnancy. He would wiggle out of other wraps and not settle for decent naps.

Personally I suck at wrapping as I get worried about doing it too tight. .This burrito made it pretty easy.

Only downside I had was my baby was smaller than we forst thought he would be (premiership size) and I got the size up.

So glad to hear our swaddle is making nap time easier, Anthony! If the size isn't quite right, just give us a shout - we're here to help :)

My baby doesn’t like it at all. Material is too stretchy so she stretches all over the place - doesn’t make her feel secure

Newborn Swaddle
sophie van den akker

Absolutely adore my baby burrito, my baby feels snuggled and super settled.

So great to hear, Sophie! 'Settled' is an important word for a newborn :)

The only swaddle my baby would sleep in!

I was gifted a baby burrito swaddle from a friend, and to be honest, I was sure if I would use it, as wrapping a baby looked difficult. In the first few weeks of bubs life, we tried Muslin wraps and the generic sleep swaddles, but Bub just wasn’t enjoying ANY. I pulled out the baby burrito one night and to my surprise, he loved it! It was so easy to use, and the fact the material stretches made it so easy to wrap him tightly and stay in it all night. We now use it for every nap and sleep & our Bub sleeps through the night! We are now at 3 months old and about to try the new stage 2 swaddle. I have recommended baby burrito to all my expecting mum friends! I couldn’t rave about it more!

Thanks Taryn! We're so happy that the Baby Burrito worked its magic for your little one's sleep – who knew wrapping a baby could be so easy, right? Excited for you to dive into the Stage 2 swaddle journey – here's to many more nights of sweet dreams and thanks a bunch for spreading the Baby Burrito love to your expecting mum friends!

I'm happy

I'm so happy with this swaddle - I've tried THEM ALL and this one actually worked better - not sure why - maybe because of the stretchy matrial - I couldn't tell by the images but it's seriously amazing! You should make pyjamas in that material haha 😍

So glad to hear you're loving our swaddle, Dani! Haha yes - your idea about pyjamas in the same material is fantastic – we'll definitely pass that suggestion to our team! Sweet dreams to you and your little one!

Newborn Swaddle
Isabella H.
really good swaddle

I was always anxious about bedtime but this swaddle changed the game

Thanks Isabella, it's fantastic when something as simple as a swaddle can bring peace of mind. xx

Newborn Swaddle
Laura Finch
Perfect for preemies

Our twins were born 10 weeks early - they have never felt more secure. The burrito swaddle is snug yet gentle - worked a treat for them and for us! I tried so many others but this worked the best.

So heartwarming to hear that our burrito swaddle provided that snug and gentle comfort for your premie twins! We're honoured to have played a part in bringing security to their early days.

Newborn Swaddle
Felicity B.
Best for Restless Sleepers

Our little one could wriggle out of any wrap but not this one . the burrito swaddle is a dream - thank you!

Thank you for sharing your experience, and here's to many more nights of sweet dreams!

Newborn Swaddle
Abigail C.
Swaddle magic

My husband, who's doesnt swaddle often found it super easy with this one. Our restless bub sleeps soundly, we bought 2 more

Abigail - that's fantastic to hear! It's great that the swaddle made swaddling easy even for your husband, and that your restless bub is now enjoying sound sleep.

Feels Like a Hug!

My son feels so comforted in this swaddle - can't thank you enough for this gem!

Nothing like the feeling of a warm hug! Thanks so much, Madison, glad you are loving it!


Got one from my work buddy. Those arm-holes? Genius! Little Daisy stays wrapped up all night- no escapes..

How cool are those arm-holes, right? Genius move! Glad to hear Little Daisy is snug as a bug all night with no escape plans. Thanks for the shout-out, Andrew!

Gift of Sleep

Gifted the burrito wrap to my sister, and now her 8-week-old can't get enough of it. She said it's the only wrap he can't Houdini his way out of!

What a win, Rachel! The gift of sleep is the best, and we're thrilled to hear that the burrito wrap has become the Houdini-proof favorite for your sister's little one. Sweet dreams to the newest family member!

Newborn Swaddle
Natalie Stone

Never thought a swaddle could be this user-friendly especially with a baby that never stays put. bedtime is more of a breeze!

Thanks Natalie! Our aim was to make a swaddle that so easy to use, so we're so glad you've found it effortless :)


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