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Miracle swaddle

Since baby was born she can only sleep when she is on me , i tried so many swaddle and it only last 10 mins of nap .

Until i tried baby burrito swaddle and we have been having consistently 1-2 hours nap during the day and 5 hours stretches during night time .

I don’t know what it is but my baby seems to agree with this swaddle 🙌🏻🙌🏻

And i love how the material is stretchy, so baby is not restricted and can still move her arms while swaddled.

Thank you for giving us the sleep we needed .

Thank you so much for your feedback! Our goal is to provide a comfortable and effective swaddle for both parents and babies. Thanks again for choosing our product! :)

A must have for every newborn

This swaddle has been a life saver. I was tired of constantly reswaddling my newborn. The jersey fabric is perfect and the pre fold is a must have! If only I discovered this with my first. A must have for every mama that is pregnant or wanting a great night's sleep!

Hey! Thank you for choosing our product and for recommending it to others. We appreciate you!

Giant baby doesn't break out of this swaddle

The Burrito Baby Wrap has been a game-changer for us. Our giant 9-pound baby used to break out of other swaddles, but this wrap keeps him secure and content. It’s been a lifesaver for us, as it helps our little one stay calm and gives mum some much-needed sleep. The midwives in the hospital were so impressed that they're now recommending it to all the mums on the ward. Highly recommended for any parents struggling to keep their babies snug and happy!

Hey there! We designed it to be escape-proof and it's great to know that it's living up to its promise. Thanks for your review!

Our take on the burrito baby

We absolutely love our burrito baby wrap, our girl has the best sleeps in it. Keeps her nice and snug, no escaping so she gets a good nights rest. I couldn’t recommend this product enough if you struggle with other swaddles.

We're glad we could help make bedtime easier for you and your family. Thank you for your support!

Escape-Proof Swaddle
Taleisha Houston

I am shocked with the results of the escape-free burrito swaddle. Our little one has enjoyed his much needed sleep a little bit longer with this swaddle. I love that you can either have your bubbys arms up or down. I couldn’t turn back to the swaddles we were using beforehand, the burrito swaddle is a MUST HAVE ✨🌯😍

Hey, thank you for your support! :)

Escape-Proof Swaddle
Princess Elliot

Since trying out the new burrito baby swaddle I’ve noticed my baby sleeps much longer now which is just amazing! We’re loving our 4-5 hour naps. Previously he would sleep for 2-3 hours and sometimes even less. Now that he’s sleeping much longer I’m able to rest better and get daily chores done around the house.

This is also the first time his tiny little arms haven’t been able to escape. So we’re all loving having our burrito baby swaddle at home and we can’t thank you enough! Highly recommend 😩😍

Princess x

We're thrilled to hear that it has helped your baby sleep longer. Happy swaddling! :)

Escape-Proof Swaddle
Brylie Noonan
A must have!

We absolutely love our burrito baby swaddle!
You can put your babies hands swaddled up or down however your baby prefers to sleep 🌸

Hey! It's great to know that you love it. Happy swaddling! :)

Best sleep ever 🤍

Since using burrito baby we have had the best sleep. Using their swaddle helped keep my little houdinis arms down and stopped her arms from rubbing her face and triggering the feeding cues. This swaddle is an investment 😍👏🏼👏🏼

Aww! Thank you for trusting us. We appreciate your support!

A dream

My newborn is a bit of an escape artist, so it was a relief to have a swaddle with arm holes to keep him secure and comfortable!
Recommend this for all parents, especially those with cheeky babies! :)

Hey Isabel! Thank you for recommending us to other parents, we appreciate it. :)

Baby sleeps really well and loves this!

Thank you so much for your feedback! We're thrilled to hear that your baby is sleeping well :)


Great quality, super soft swaddle, that my 3 month old absolutely loves! This has become my go to swaddle as it’s so easy to use and he escapes all the other ones we had. Highly recommend!

Hi Lauren! We strive to provide great quality that both parents and babies will love. We truly appreciate your feedback!

High quality

My bub loves this sleep sack and the quality is amazing! I love how the zip goes down as well I’ve never seen that before!

Hi K.C.! We take pride in our high-quality materials and unique design, including the convenient zip feature. Thanks for your review! :)

Bub loves this!!

We absolutely love this swaddle and so does bub. super easy and comfortable for him. Definitely recommend Burrito Baby to other mums!

Hi T! Thanks for choosing Burrito Baby. We appreciate your recommendation and hope that other moms will love it just as much as you do! :)

The easiest swaddle to use!

I absolutely loved the Burrito Baby swaddle. It was fool proof and our bubs loved it. We used this for all our walks in the pram and it made it so easy to swaddle on the go!

Hey Georgia, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We're glad that it worked well for you, happy swaddling! :))

Amazing Swaddle

Burrito baby quickly became my go-to out of all of the wraps I have. It is amazing quality, easy to use and I love the arm holes for keeping my baby soundly asleep. Highly recommend to all mums.

Hi T.F! Thank you for recommending our product to other moms, we appreciate it! Happy swaddling! :)

Burrito baby

My baby loves the newborn swaddle. It’s so soft and comfy. Keeps him swaddled all night. Recommend getting the large size

Hi V! We're so happy to hear that your baby loves it! You're also right, we'd suggest going for the large size as mentioned in our FAQ because it's super generous and ensures your little one gets that perfect snug fit they deserve. :)

Love it

Great baby wrap, note please do not buy the small one as it is not gonna fit your baby. I bought the small one first and doesn’t fit so had to order a new one with the biggest size 🫣😅.

Thank you for your feedback, John! We’re glad you love the wrap. :)

You're right! For the best fit, we really recommend the large size. It's generous and ensures a snug fit, and any extra fabric can be easily folded up and tucked in for extra security.

Best baby wrap!

My baby loves how snug these wraps make him feel and I love having peace of mind knowing he's safely wrapped up all night.

Thanks Rene, so glad you love it and what a CUTE pic :)


The burrito baby has changed the sleeping game for my newborn.
The day I received my wrap she started sleep 8 hours a night, settling on her own and even being able to fall asleep without her dummy which she previously wasn’t able to do.
The way she is able to have her hands up near her face while still being snug is the best part of us.
We initially won our burrito baby in an Instagram competition but since have purchased two more 😍😍😍😍
10/10 from us

Abbey, we're so happy to hear this amazing news!! So glad she's settling on her own with her Burrito Baby! Congrats again on winning the comp :)

Transition swaddle - game changer

Transitioning out of a swaddle was my biggest fear as a second time mum, I wasn’t ready to go back to sleepless nights. But then…I discovered the 3-way Transition Swaddle from Burrito Baby It was an absolute game changer. So soft and snuggly and Ollie loves it and sleeps so well.

Navigating the transition out of a swaddle can indeed be a challenge, and we're thrilled to hear that our 3-way Transition Swaddle has been a game-changer for you and Ollie! Here's to more soft, snuggly, and restful nights ahead. Happy Sleeping to you both

Escape-Proof Swaddle
Dani Shearman
Best Swaddle Ever

We absolutely love our Burrito Baby Newborn swaddle, my gorgeous girl settles instantly and the holes for her little arms were an absolute game changer, because she’s a little wiggler. 10/10 would recommend on the baby essential list ☺️🩷

Thanks Dani! She looks SO adorable all burrito'ed up, we're so glad she has settled nicely in it. ❤️❤️

no more sleepless night

Finally found something that calms my fussy sleeper - it's like an instant soothe button. every new mum needs one of these!

Delighted to be the 'instant soothe button' for your fussy sleeper, Zoe! Here's to more peaceful nights, and we're thrilled to have been a game-changer for you. Every new mum deserves those restful moments!

Best swaddle!

We absolutely love this swaddle. He sleeps so soundly and snug! The material is soft and it’s so easy to use.

Ahhh he looks so gorgeous and happy!! So glad you both love it

Great swaddle

I tried the burrito baby after seeing multiple advertisements for it and trying other swaddles with minimal success.
The pre-made arm-holes mean that our 6-week old boy can’t get his arms out and stays nicely swaddled. Have had the burrito baby for a week and we have had a few 5 and 6 hour sleeps overnight since using it. I’ve just ordered a third one now that I am certain that my fussy boy likes them.

He looks so gorgeous all burrito'ed up! So glad you are both loving it, Felicity


I was so thrilled with this product. My little ‘Houdini’ is now much more settled during naps and sleep time because the fabric lets him stretch his arms up while staying snug in the swaddle.

Yay! We're so glad we've been able to help you create some magic ;)


  • Escape-Proof Swaddle
    Escape-Proof Swaddle
    Escape-Proof Swaddle

    Escape-Proof Swaddle

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    Transition Swaddle (Marle Grey)
    Transition Swaddle (Marle Grey)

    Transition Swaddle (Marle Grey)

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