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No more waking themselves up!

Our patented design was made to allow your baby to sleep soundly. Our secure arm pockets ensure your baby’s arms never wriggle themselves out o fthe swaddle whilst they sleep. Once wrapped, your baby’s hands can rise so they can self-soothe, all while staying securely in the swaddle. It’s a recipe for uninterrupted sleep!

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No more uncomfortable sleeps!

Our premium stretchy fabric keeps your baby snug and comfortable all while allowing free leg and hip movement which is crucial for hip dysplasia. From newborns to rolling bubs, our stretchy and large swaddle suits every baby of every size.

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Our versatile Sleep Better Swaddle suits any baby – just choose how many you need!

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Loved by babies (and their parents)

"What a lifesaver!"

The Burrito Baby wrap has been a lifesaver for our little boy, we were lucky enough to have the wrap from 2 weeks old. He had barely slept until this point as was uncomfortable in the hands up sleep suits, when we tried the Burrito Baby he went straight into 3 hour blocks! The material is soft and stretchy enough to be able to firmly wrap, it is also long so plenty of space to wrap around and get it right. The hand slots secure the bubs arms well and seamless top means it's soft on the neck/ shoulders.

– Alex, verified customer

"So easy to use!"

Our bubs loves to be swaddled but always untangled himself regardless of how tight we wrapped him. The Burrito Baby wrap is easy (especially those 2am rewraps) and tucks them in nice and secure. I bought my bestie one too!

– Tara L, verified customer

"Why hasn't this been done before?"

My friend purchased one of these swaddles for my baby shower. Our baby girl was born 3 weeks ago and we've been using the arm-holes and she hasn't been able to escape once. Sophie is my thrid kid and with my other two I battled with swaddling and tried other brands. None worked. I'll be recommending Burrito Baby to all of the mums I know. Brilliant design.

– Eleanor, verified customer

"Best baby wrap, great design and quality!"

After trying few wraps I finally found one that's stretchy and large enough to securely wrap my baby so he doesn't make an escape.
I highly recommend it.
It’s definitely the best gift for newborns!

– Fernanda D, verified customer

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Why you'll love our swaddle

(and so will your baby!)

Prefolded shape

Our Multiway Swaddle comes pre-folded – so no more fumbling and folding with one hand in the dark!

Glow in the dark placement

A never-before-seen innovation that helps you wrap bub up burrito tight… even in the middle of the night.

Extra-stretchy fabric

Our premium stretch fabric keeps baby’s arms and hands secure all night while allowing free leg and hip movement.

Secure arms-up option

When your bub is big enough, use our patented arm holes for a unique arms-up option, offering easy self-soothing!

Large size for added stability

Our Multiway Swaddle is 130cm x 130cm – stretchy and comfortable, perfect for any growing baby from 3kg and up.

For every baby of every size

From newborns to rolling bubs, our swaddle is the perfect sleeping aid – large, stretchy, safe, and most important of all, super comfy!

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