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You can purchase the full range of Burrito Baby ™ products right here on our online store. 

All our products are designed in Australia and made in PRC and Vietnam.

Our Newborn Swaddle's TOG Rating is a versatile 0.3, but wrap up with both sides for a snug TOG of 0.9.

Our Transition Swaddle and Sleep Sack have not yet been TOG rated, however these are a similar material to the Newborn Swaddle.


Melbourne, Australia and California, United States.

We fulfil orders within 24 hours. Depending on where you are located, shipping is usually between 3-5 business days AUS/US-wide.
We have express shipping available for an additional cost.

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Yes, we ship worldwide! We have fulfilment centres in Australia and the US.


We're currently only available online.

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