The full Burrito Baby range can be purchased right here on our website.

The Essential Multiway Swaddle in our range is suitable for all babies aged 1 month - 4 months. We recommend purchasing 2 so that you can alternate between washes.

Yes! Our Essential Multiway Swaddle will grow and stretch with your baby as they get bigger. The armholes are specifically cut and stitched in a way to make this happen without restricting blood supply to the arms and the fabric is woven to accommodate for babies growth.

We recommend 2 or more. A lot of babies may burp up in the night, sometimes there are 'accidents' and when it's in the wash, you'll wish you had another one to wrap your bubba tight so they'll sleep all night.

The Burrito Baby Essential range are made from a highly breathable woven fabric that is 4% elastane and 96% cotton fibre.

Yes! absolutely. Our swaddle is perfect for newborns 3kg and up.

As per the Red Nose website: Red Nose recommends dressing baby according to the room temperature. It is okay to swaddle only, particularly when the weather is warmer. However, if it is cooler, a lightweight blanket may be added, but it should be tucked in firmly and baby’s feet need to be at the foot of the cot. This is to prevent them from wriggling down under the blanket where head and face may become covered.
For further clarification read:
safe bedding - is the bedding safe?
bedding amount recommended for safe sleep

It's actually very important that you stop swaddling your baby when they show signs of turning over. Your baby's arms should most definitely not be restricted at this point because if they roll over they need their hands to push themselves back in order to avoid smothering. This usually occurs anytime between 3 months to 4 months.

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