By Burrito Baby

MAMA KNOWS BEST! 5 Reasons Why You Need Burrito Baby

They say mother knows best, and Burrito Baby mamas sure are living proof of that!

We recently surveyed our amazing customers to find out why they switched to Burrito Baby, and why they’re raving about it to their most beloved friends and family. 

Here’s what we found out:

Quality matters

Parents will spare no expense when it comes to their beloved cubs, and our products are the perfect combination of premium, at an affordable price point. Our premium jersey cotton is made with only the finest quality cotton, making for a buttery soft, breathable sleep every day, come whatever the weather. The stretchy material will keep your baby snug and comfortable. Whether they’re newborns or rolling bubs, our swaddles suit babies of all sizes.

It makes parent’s lives easier

Being a parent can pose its challenges, so we’re taking the difficulties of swaddling countless times a day off your hands. The pre-folded shape removes the thinking, the glow-in-the-dark placement makes it easier for middle-of-the-night feeds or re-swaddling and the stretchy fabric means it gives you enough pull to swaddle tightly so they feel snug. 

Arm holes are a game-changer

Convenience meets functionality. Burrito Baby was designed by two mums who had problems with other swaddles not meeting their needs, and they found a solution. The arm hole design gives parents the option to put their Bub’s arms in, or out of the swaddle. When snuggled in, our babies won’t wriggle out, or risk hitting themselves in the face and wake themselves up. Our unique swaddle is like nothing else on the market.


Does what it says

There’s so much noise in the newborn market, but we’ve always committed to the quality of our product, ensuring it does exactly what our parents need it to do. So when people come across Burrito Baby and read the positive reviews, they feel more comfortable giving it a go!  Our parents never regret their purchase, but we’re delighted to offer a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure it suits your bub as well.

Better sleep for bub, and parent! 

Giving our babies a good night’s sleep means that our Burrito Baby parents also get an uninterrupted good night’s sleep! It’s a win-win. Think of Burrito Baby as an investment in your sleep.

Check out some of the reviews: 

“This swaddle has been amazing at helpful our restless little man settle. It is so easy to use and feels really safe. Was a game changer in navigating through first week as parents.” - Clare 

“The perfect swaddle. The fabric is so soft and stretchy. I love that it holds my baby's arms in place - he sleeps so well when wrapped in a Burrito Baby. Love this product!” - Gina

“Your swaddle has made bedtime so much easier! Our little Edward is now having longer stretches of sleep and I'm getting more sleep too which is awesome. Thank you.” - Eleanor 

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