• Toy Comforter - Oatmeal Bunny
  • Toy Comforter - Oatmeal Bunny
  • Toy Comforter - Oatmeal Bunny
  • Toy Comforter - Oatmeal Bunny
  • Toy Comforter - Oatmeal Bunny
  • Toy Comforter - Oatmeal Bunny
  • Toy Comforter - Oatmeal Bunny

Toy Comforter - Oatmeal Bunny

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  • Easy To Use
  • Premium Material
  • Escape- Proof
  • 30-Night Trial
  • Free Shipping Over $75
Say hello to your bub's new best buddy!

This sleep comforter is soft and cuddly and is the perfect addition to your baby's cot*. 

Comforters can help soothe babies when they are experience change, such as hospital visits, immunisation or starting day-care. The light fabric means that they are breathable should it make its way over babies face. 

*Once your baby has fallen asleep, we highly recommend you remove any comfort items, including this Sleep Comforter from your baby's cot. 

  • Made from natural, organic cotton
  • 30x30cm in size
Care instructions: Hand wash in cold water • Do not tumble dry • Do not bleach • Do not iron • Do not dry clean • Wash with similar colours.

Say goodnight to fussy sleepers and hello to peaceful naps with our patent-pending swaddle for newborns.

Crafted with secure arm holes, it's the perfect solution to keep your little one cozy and prevent any Houdini-like escape attempts that disrupt their sleep.

Plus, we understand that every baby has their own preferences. That's why our Newborn Swaddle gives you the flexibility to choose whether to wrap those little arms up or let them roam free. It's all about making sure your baby can snooze in their comfiest position, mimicking the feeling of being inside the womb.

Safety is our number one concern, and our Newborn Swaddle goes above and beyond to ensure your baby sleeps soundly. We've used super stretchy material that wraps your baby in a gentle, secure embrace, providing all the comfort they crave without any sleep-related worries.

And here's the best part: our swaddle encourages natural hip movement, making sure your little one enjoys a peaceful and safe slumber. So, say goodbye to sleep troubles and hello to sweet, uninterrupted dreams for your precious newborn!


💤 Escape-Proof

💤 Arms-Up or Arms-Down Option

💤 Easy to Use

💤 Pre-Folded Shape

💤 Extra-Stretchy

💤 Premium & Soft Material

💤 Safe To Use

💤 Glow-in-the-Dark Stamp

💤 Promotes Healthy Hip Movement

💤 Creates a Womb-Like Experience

💤 Generous Size (Large only)

💤 Gender-Neutral Colour

💤 Designed in Australia

💤 Patent-Pending

💤 30-Night Trial

💤 Free Shipping Over $75

💤 Practical Gift

Size Guide

Here's what we recommend:
0-1 month: Small (75x75cm)
2-3 months: Medium (90x90cm)
4+ months: Large (125x125cm)

But if your little nugget happens to be on the smaller or bigger side of things, fret not! Our advice can be easily tweaked to suit your bundle of joy's needs. After all, we welcome babies of all shapes and sizes with open arms.

Not sure which size to pick? No worries, we've got your back! We'd suggest going for the large size because it's super generous and ensures your little one gets that perfect snug fit they deserve.

And hey, if there's a bit of extra fabric, it's no big deal. You can simply fold it up from the bottom and tuck it in for some extra security for your precious bub. We want you to feel totally confident that your baby is all cozy and comfy in our swaddle.

Shipping Details

Postage via Australia Post is free on all domestic purchases over $75 with the option of paying for express post.

Depending on the location within Australia, please allow between 3-7 business days for non-express delivery.

Refunds & Returns

If for any reason you're not absolutely head-over-heels in love with Burrito Baby - you are welcome to return it for refund within 30 days (excluding shipping fees).

Read our Returns Policy for full T&C's: burritobaby.com.au/pages/returns-policy

Care Instructions

- Wash before first use
- Close zip before washing
- Warm gentle machine wash in wash bag with similar colours
- Pull into shape after washing, before tumble drying/line drying
- Tumble dry on low
- Do not soak or bleach garment, iron zip or dry clean


Dr. Golly

Paediatrician and Sleep Specialist

"Swaddles are great because they dampen the startle reflex and return a baby to the feeling of being inside the womb. I recommend that all babies under 4 months are tightly swaddled either arms up or arms down, using a nice, stretchy material."

  • Escape-Proof Design

    Our secure arm-holes make our swaddles unique, so even the most restless baby can’t escape.

  • Free & Fast Delivery

    Next day shipping all around Australia. Spend over $75 and receive free shipping.

  • Perfect Gift For Parents

    Heading to a baby shower? These are the most practical gifts for parents and their newborns.