By Burrito Baby

Meet Inken & Chloe

Meet Inken

Number of children and ages?
1 and she's 5 months old

Conception story?
We never thought it would happen. But once you find out you are pregnant you forget all the struggles and just start to enjoy the pregnancy. Especially the pregnancy 'glow'!

Postnatal story?
Grateful for having had an amazing pregnancy and now holding my beautiful healthy baby girl. Having a 'minime'... wish i could share it all with my mum. She was sooo happy for me to be pregnant but sadly she passed away before Chloe was born. Chloe is now 'my little girl' how i was to my mum and i will tell her all about my mum.

Most memorable mum moment?
Holding her for the first time and looking into daddies proud eyes.

Biggest mum achievement: (can be making it through your first 24 hours!)?
Waking up in hospital looking to your side and seeing your little one sleeping in the bassinet and saying to yourself 'wow' she is YOURS! Yesterday you felt her moving around in your belly having a good time and now she is here next to you and depends fully on you!!! Just pure 'Mother' LOVE!!!

Best mum advice?
It is all worth it!!!

If you could go back in time what baby product would you not buy?
Put it the other way....have one or two or 'many' dummies ready ;)

Meet Chloe

Chloe Amber Lyell


Reason for name choice?
Meaning 'blooming' or 'young green shoot'.... new life :)

My biggest milestone to date?
Smiling and talking to myself in the mirror

Star sign?

My favourite thing to do?
To give mummy the biggest cutest smiles and look at her with my beautiful blue eyes (melts mummy's heart and makes it all worth it!)

What ONE word do you think best describes me?
Just 'Cute'