By Burrito Baby

Jordan and Bodhi are BBA stars

When it comes to model babies, Bodhi is an absolute star. Bodhi featured in the Burrito Baby video-shoot and we just couldn't resist her beautiful smile and lovely vibe. Thank you Jordan for bringing Bodhi into the BBA family.

Meet Jordan

Number of children and ages?
One - Four months

Conception story?
Bub was 10 weeks when we found out we were pregnant!!

Postnatal story?
Loving every minute!

Most memorable mum moment?
The moment Bodhi was placed on my chest will forever be the most memorable.

Biggest mum faux pas:

I went to the races one weekend and lasted the whole day without leaking onto my dress. The following weekend I had a wedding and thought I’d be fine as I managed to do it at the races. Thirty minutes into the wedding my dress was covered in breastmilk! And of course I had no breast pads OR tissues with me... Rookie error!

Biggest mum achievement: (can be making it through your first 24 hours!)?
Surviving the first two teeth breaking through (so early) !

Best mum advice?
You know your baby, listen to you.

What advice do you wish you had been given before Bub arrived?

So many people told me to sleep when you can and take advantage of it.. I didn’t and I now realise why people say this! Motherhood is tiring and there’s not much (if any) rest time!

If you could go back in time what baby product would you not buy?
I bought so many cute dummy chains and my daughter doesn’t even take a dummy haha !!

Meet Bodhi

Bodhi Jordan Totten


Reason for name choice?
Loved it!

My biggest milestone to date?
Those giggles!

Star sign?
Gemini.. uh oh!

My favourite thing to do?
Watch the puppy fetch his ball!

What ONE word do you think best describes me?