By Burrito Baby

Meet Marte and Tyler

Meet Marte

Number of children and ages?
1 boy aged 3 months

Conception story?
My husband and I went to visit my family for the first time in Norway. After a week with family gathering we both needed some time alone. We went to our family cabin in the mountains. We came back from a long walk in the snow. 5 weeks later back in Australia we found out we had a little one growing.

Postnatal story?
The first few weeks was overwhelming. I have never been as happy and felt the kind of love as I do for my little angel, but on the other hand I was still in so much pain from the birth and I also developed mastitis, witch was horrible and painful I was a mess with emotions and cried a lot. Now a few months later I feel a lot more confident in me as a mum and I am enjoying every day I get to spent with Tyler.

Most memorable mum moment?
05.05.17 when Tyler woke up and smiled at me for the very first time.

Biggest mum achievement?
When Tyler was a week days old, my husband had to have a hip surgery. Since I'm from Norway I don't have any family here and my husbands family live 3.5hrs south. I was very anxious about being alone with a new born baby. Me and Tyler ended up having the time of our life, sleeping in and visiting dad in hospital.

Best mum advice?
Always trust your instinct

What advice do you wish you had been given before Bub arrived?
What mastitis is and how to treat it.

If you could go back in time what baby product would you not buy?
Manual pump, electric one is absolutely best.

Meet Tyler

Tyler Stephen Chaffey


3 months

Reason for name choice?
We had decided for another name. Weeks before Tyler was born one of our closest friends gave his son the same name. The chase was on to find another. We could not decide. Two days before Tyler was born, I went through all mine and hubby's friends on Facebook and fell in love with Tyler. Stephen is after his grandfather of his dads side.

My biggest milestone to date?
Laughing- I have the cutest little giggle with the biggest smile.

Star sign?

My favourite thing to do?
Put whatever I can grab in my mouth, specially my fingers. I'm practising to fit my whole hand in there one day

What ONE word do you think best describes me?