By Burrito Baby

Meet Kristen and Mia

Meet Kristen

Number of children?
1 bub of 4 months

Conception story?

Postnatal story?
Shaky start but lucky I have such a cruisy baby.

Most memorable mum moment?
Watching her smile at me for the first time.

Biggest mum achievement? (can be making it through your first 24hours!)
Taking her into work at 4 weeks old, what was I thinking!!

Biggest mum faux pas?
Putting on a onesie and putting the press stud in her head - I cried!

Best mum advice?
Relax - bubs can feel your stress.

What advice do you wish you had been given before bub arrived?
Only buy onesies - shirts and pants are an extra complication. Breast feeding is hard - get all the help you can from your local clinic.

If you could go back in time what baby product would you not buy?
A rocking chair - a good back support chair is better!

Meet Mia

Mia Rayner

13th March 2017

4 months

Reason for name choice?
I have always liked it. Plus you can’t get it wrong or shorten it!

My biggest milestone to date?
When I started smiling.

Star sign?

My favourite thing to do?
Smiling and sleeping