By Burrito Baby

Handsome Harrison

We aren't kidding! When little Harrison rocked up to our video shoot our hearts thumped a little harder and our ovaries were singing. This little man is such a divine and handsome cutie and he loved being in front of the camera. When we wrapped him in our Essential Multiway Swaddle he gave us the biggest grin, so sweet. His mum, Beth was an absolute delight and we can see where Harrison gets his good looks from! We're so happy and proud to have Harrison as part of the BBA family.  

Get to Know Harrison


Reason for name choice?
We wanted a name that could be shortened into a nickname and we adored Harry.

My biggest milestone to date?
Going on my first overseas adventure to NZ at 11 weeks old.

Star sign?

My favourite thing to do?
Rolling around on my play mat and putting EVERYTHING in my mouth.

What ONE word do you think best describes me?